Maybe I just realized why I took the title of this blog "The Secret of Electrons" because the more I learned about electrical science, I was a lot of secrets are revealed about the negatively charged particles that have spin number half. But awareness is more related to practical aspects rather than theorists. I am more interested in seeing the practical aspects of the review because the electrons from the viewpoint of theorists to me very difficult to do because it requires math and physics skills up. So that makes me more happy to learn the electrical circuits and electronic circuits compared to modern physics that makes me dizzy.

Of electrical circuits and electronic circuits that I discovered many secrets of the existence of electrons in nature. It makes amazed and sometimes a sense, "how come?". The more learn more and examine more deeply, something magical is it just follows the laws of nature and the simple cause and effect (although I can not explain it, just consciousness).

However, I also realized that the practical ability was not enough to make me 'electrical engineers' reliable. With knowledge-based theory would be able "to create" and not just "to duplicate" of the technology. Therefore, understanding advanced mathematics and physics which will allow a person qualified in the fake nature, so it can create advanced technologies. It is to create a great technology, the ability of the two areas of science is not enough. Necessary also other sciences are interrelated. But look at reality, the science that's the most dominant in this era of technology development.

Try just imagine, a combination of electronic components such as resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, etc., "how come?" into electronic equipment such as radios, televisions, even computers that we often see it. It is this sense of wonder that makes me sometimes tawdry with current technology. Feelings of awe, even outrageous is what makes me more motivated to learn science 'electrons' more deeply. Hopefully I can improve specific knowledge base in related fields so that I can reveal the secret of the electrons in this blog for the future, hopefully.