Hehe.. This is the first english posting in my blog. Here, I want to tell you about my experience when I was studying English.

I think (maybe it's too personally) in studying English is the my long process but there's no great and rapidly result. First, I study Grammar to increase my comprehension in text. Other time, Grammar only it's still less for me, I try to study Listening. It's very hard, I'm serious, my ears itched when I was hearing some english voices, that's very very hard. I kept to high concentrate but it's lost from my hearing. I forgot the Listening then Speaking. I try to out all of my mind in speaking, but it's a nonsense. I confused to choose the word that I must use in the context. I became hopeless. There are no chance for me to study english better. Why it's very hard for me. A man who cannot express to communicate in various language. Language is my burden.

Now, I always suggest myself, "English is easy! english so easy! you are great, sure you must be able to use english, of course!". Great! There a less improvement. I promise to myself to keep studying english. English is my second language, yess... English is the best!

It's very crazy, isn't it?.

Electrons always move to up and to down nearly where they are. Electrons never give up to face all of burdens in their life. There are always the solution, though only a single solution, but the result give the complexity corollary effect which cause more simple solution.