If you always regret what you do or what you have, it's big burdens in life. It's simple, isn't?. Many people was anxiety whatever that actually simple for them. The answer because they haven't felt the satisfactory because their thought. Always remember,

You don't think what You are; You are what You think

If we can not be able something, just do it and don't only regret. Try, try, and once again try it. Every effort gives a way. Remember again,

Hardwork always pays off

Indeed, every effort we do, it doesn't always give a result directly. All of works we do need a patience. Because without patience is impossible. And don't ever say it's not justice because you have worked hard but there aren't any result. Who knows? Others maybe have worked more than you've done. And who knows? Others maybe are more patience than you are. So, be patience. Then one last sentence,

Keep Fighting!!